We at SmartPlus are a fusion of the vast experience of industry veterans and the vitality of the younger generation. The consulting panel has over 5 industry veterans from India and Middle East with over 25 years of rich experience.

As a high-end service provider SmartPlus consultants help their clients to manage and grow their business by providing inventive business solutions which are realistic and achievable.

The team at SmartPlus is capable of delivering (not limited to) below mentioned services:

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy encompassing Business Planning, Corporate Strategy and conducting Feasibility Studies. HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING which is inclusive but not exhaustive of Change Management, Salary and Compensation Surveys, Human Resource Policy and Procedures designing, assisting in implementing Corporate Governance, Human Resource Audits and Hierarchy management designing and analysis.

Accounting Services

We at SmartPlus have various accounting services for small to medium business houses.  As an entrepreneur, while your focus remains on running and growing your business, you know it’s critical to maintain proper accounts, meet financial obligations and keep health-checks on business.

Employing a full-time Qualified Finance Manager may be difficult, so you may resort to hiring an accountant. That decision however, may be the beginning of your problems rather than the end of them. We have seen hundreds of businesses where up to date financial information is never available. Since there is no proper monitoring, the inventory, the debtors and the creditors are always in a mess. SmartPlus consultants see that your accounting is done as per GAAP.  We make sure that the data is correctly and accurately maintained so that proper reports are available on time for the management to take bold business decisions.  Monthly reports for the customers, suppliers and the monthly income statements are provided under this services. We provide end to end accounting solutions.

Management Reporting

Under this service Smartplus Consultants monitor your accounts department for accurate and proper maintenance of financial data and provide various management reports to help you take accurate and bold decisions. These reports not only show you figures but come with comments on what steps are needed to improve the cash flows and the profitability of your business. We monitor you budgets and operations and see that no sudden surprises pop up to harm your business. Financial projections are done so that you are aware of your financial obligations and you have enough time to avoid disasters.

Financial Projections

This service is a subset of the Management Reporting Module whereby without any monitoring from our side we prepare projections for your business based on the data provided by your accounting department. We do offer our advice on the reports generated.

Internal Audit

This includes analyzing the key processes and procedures in your organization.

Checking that proper controls are there to avoid frauds. See that employees are doing proper reporting to the management.

Analyze that assets are properly recorded and safe guarded from misuse.

Analyze the accounting system capability to record financial transactions in a prompt and accurate manner.

Monitor the budgets versus actual on a continuous basis and provide insights and reports to the management for the same.

Assist and train the staff for proper control to avoid losses.

External Audit

External audits are done with the help of our business partners who have tons of experience in the audit arena. All the financial statements are generated in international formats providing valuable information and opinion of your business activities.

Business Valuation

We undertake to study the concerned business by analyzing the activities, income statement, assets and liabilities of the business. We provide you the actual value of the business to help you take better decisions.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is extremely important if you intend to start a new business, project or partnership to avoid potential losses.

We study and analyze your project plans based on economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors to help you determine potential positive and negative outcomes of a project before you decide to invest a considerable amount of time and money into it.

Finance Arrangement

We have joined hands with some of the top financial institutions to provide you the best financial options for your business. Expansions and growth need financial aid and we are there to help you out on this front.

Business Setup

We help you to form your new company in any emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This includes all legal formalities for obtaining a license, getting your visas and opening of your company’s bank accounts. We also provide you with valuable help in finding the right place for your business.

ERP and Accounting Software Implementation

We have seen ten of times where due to lack of proper knowledge, even after spending a considerable amount of money in an ERP software, no results are produced.

This is due to wrong implementation.  Proper implementation is extremely important. Our consultants help you to set the best of it by seeing that the accounting system is properly setup and implemented in the ERP software.

We train and monitor your staff for proper implementation of the accounting system in various software like SAP, Tally, Peachtree, Focus etc.