Customer is the king in any business and Customer Satisfaction in the key to the success of your business. If you are not able to satisfy your customer then you won’t be able to be in the business for long. There are four different levels of customer satisfaction and for the success of your business you need to achieve these four levels because if you don’t then you competitors will soon do it and snatch your customers.

  1. Meeting Customer Expectations: This is the first level of customer satisfaction where your product or service is exactly what the customer had expected, when he went for your product or service. This is the least which you can do for your customer and your business for that matter.
  2. Exceeding Customer Expectations: This is the second level of customer satisfaction where you do something that exceeds the customer’s expectations. This is a value added from your side which the customer comes to know after he buys your product or service.
  3. Delighting your Customers: This is the third level of customer satisfaction where you do or say something which the customer never expected and which makes the customer feel happy. When you reach this level then not only will you be able to stay in business but you will have this customer for life. This level of customer satisfaction makes the customer think that doing business with you is a great deal and he is inclined to patronize you again in the future.
  4. Amazing your Customers: In this level you do or say something that is so profound and unusual that the customer is amazed. This is the ultimate level that you make your customers so happy and amazed that they start talking about you among their network. This is perhaps the highest level of customer satisfaction where the customer is now so attached to your product or services that he starts acting as your brand ambassador in the market. This is just amazing because your business gets this type of marketing at absolutely no cost. When you reach this stage rest assured your business will not only flourish quickly but also be more profitable and more known in the market place.

So if you are in the business then you have to work on the above to really make it as a big success.