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Smartplus introducesVirtual Accounting

If you are still doing the mistake of doing business without Accounting then let us warn you that you are committing a business suicide. Learn more over here the benefits of proper Accounting.

Now Smartplus introduces Virtual Accounting whereby all your Accounting and Vat Returns are taken care of without a big hole in your budget.

Click here to signup now for one of our reliable plans for you and we promise, you will see positive results in your business in just a few months.


Project Management

With experience of more than 2 decades, we can handle any of your projects from start to finish. When your project is handled by our team, you are relaxed as we take all the headaches and you are updated about the progress on a week to week basis. Gantt Charts are provided for easy reference so that you are always at peace about the progress, budget and the performance of the project. We take care of the objective, planning, execution, monitoring of the entire project as agreed and deliver you absolutely guaranteed Results.

Company Representative

The United Arab Emirates and specially Dubai is a market with huge potential for a wide range of products and services. We can act as your company representative handling all the documentation and meetings with your clients without the need of you being present over here. This saves you big cost and increases your profit margins. This service is specially beneficial to those companies who want to enter the UAE market as suppliers of raw material to the industries over there.

Management Consultancy

This is our core speciality. We study your business module and over haul your finances, marketing and operations for a fast track growth program. We guarantee you results on this provided you follow and implement our strategies to the point. We are confident that we will boost your business beyond expectations and so we offer a money back guarantee on this program.

Accounting Services

We at SmartPlus have various accounting services for small to medium business houses.  As an entrepreneur, while your focus remains on running and growing your business, you know it’s critical to maintain proper accounts, meet financial obligations and keep health-checks on business.

Plus we see that the VAT is properly handled by your accounting department.

Management Reporting

Under this service SmartPlus Consultants monitor your various departments for accurate and proper maintenance of financial data and provide various management reports to help you take accurate and bold decisions.


Financial Projections

This service is a subset of the Management Reporting Module whereby without any monitoring from our side we prepare projections for your business based on the data provided by your accounting department. We do offer our advice on the reports generated.

Internal Audit

This includes analyzing the key processes and procedures in your organization.

Checking that proper controls are there to avoid frauds. See that employees are doing proper reporting to the management.

Analyze that assets are properly recorded and safe guarded from misuse. Read More.

External Audit

External audits are done with the help of our business partners who have tons of experience in the audit arena. All the financial statements are generated in international formats providing valuable information and opinion of your business activities.

Website Design Service

We design websites which are not only beautiful and awesome but we make sure that you website makes your presence felt on the web and generates leads and sales for your business.

SEO Services

Many companies have websites which don’t help them to generate leads and sales from it. We optimize your websites regularly so they appear in top google searches and help you to generate leads and sales all around the world.

Contact us to learn more how we can help you to generate more income.

Social Media Management

The world is now connected closely through various social media platforms. We help you to establish your brand on various social media platforms helping your company grown in terms of more sales, more profitability and over all more popularity.


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